The Quiet Ones!

As Thanksgiving approaches let us remember to thank the “Quiet Ones” who work behind the scenes caring for our church, with great love and loyalty.

Sharon, Bob, Ray, Dawn, Bill and Ernesto take turns opening the church and setting up for Mass every morning. We have our sandwich donations every Friday to feed the poor at Our Fathers House. Stephanie and Ken collect bags of food for the food pantry.  Robert and Pete visit prisons to spend time consoling and praying with inmates. Every Saturday volunteers clean and arrange the church and chapel for the weekend services. Frankie and Sandy select and arrange the flowers. Marie launders the linens. Ginette and Melissa clean and restock the Vigil candleholders. The choirs spend hours every Sunday preparing for the weekend liturgies.  Donna oversees and provides food for all occasions. Judith and Darlene coordinate Why Catholic; Bob and John see to it that our church is cool and the sound system is operating and the bells are ringing. DeeAnn and Joe keep our website up to date, Judith who also arranges the bulletin.

These stories are examples of the Time and Talent given by the real people of our church. They receive no payment for their efforts; they do it simply for the glory of God. There are many more people who are involved in ministry in our church. Don’t feel left out; your church needs your talents also, so please offer your service.

Thanks to all.