A Word from the Religious Education Office:

As we continue with our Lifelong Faith Formation, we are excited to introduce the second annual Essay Contest.  Our Parish is invited to participate in the Christ Is Alive National Essay Contest.  The contest is open to grades 3 through 8 who are enrolled in our religious education program.  Pope Francis said “Christ is alive, and he wants you to be alive!  He is in you; he is with you and he never abandons you.”

Essay Topic:  Describe a moment when you felt close to God.

Essays are limited to one side of one 8.5 x 11 piece of paper and will be graded on your expression of faith in Christ and seeing God at work in the world and in your life.  They will also be graded on paragraph structure, grammar, and spelling.

Submission:  Submit entries no later than March 10, 2021, to Lori Milano via  Saintpaultheapostle@gmail.com

Prize:  You will receive $100

Good luck and have fun!  Blessings,

Lori J. Milano