Obituaries and Visual Life Stories offered to St. Paul’s Parishioners and immediate family members at no cost.

St. Pauls has partnered with Souls Remembered to offer Obituaries and Visual Life Stories to remember loved ones who have passed. Public obituaries are notorious targets for scammers looking to make fraudulent claims of the deceased and thereby taking advantage of the family members. Funeral/After Death arrangements can be announced in an obituary similar to what you would see in the local paper, only much nicer and at no cost to parishioners and immediate family members. You can then convert the obituary to a full Visual Life Story when you are ready. Or, you have the option to only create an obituary or a Visual Life Story.

The “process” of choosing images or videos and writing your story is therapeutic, powerful, and cathartic. It’s easy to do. Just give them the information and they will put it all together for your approval. Please check St. Paul’s website at for samples or go on to for a complete explanation of products and samples.  Or please call 954-951-2188 for more information on how we can help you.