Deacon Greg McLaughlin will host
a Bible Discussion group live via Zoom every Thursday from 7 to 8 p.m. It will
run from October 14 through November 18.

 If you don’t have the Zoom software installed click this link to join the meeting    If prompted
The Zoom meeting ID is 882 6924 1470 and the passcode is 501138.

  Our goal is not merely to gain information but to transform our audience as they encounter the Good News of Scripture and realign themselves continually with its powerful truth. We will do our best to apply the wonderful principles found in the Word to enable us to live out our Catholic faith in greater victory.

The Gospel of Mark is written in a powerful and energetic literary style, full of drama, mystery and color. Like the other Gospels, Mark provides a unique portrait of Jesus, with a special insight into who Jesus was and what He came to accomplish. The first half of the Gospel concerns the identity of Jesus as the mighty Messiah and Son of God (Mark 1:1–8:30), and the second half concerns the mission of Jesus (Mark 8:31–16:8) which becomes the model for all discipleship.

Topics will include:

  • Why the Gospel of Mark speaks to every follower of Christ
  • Why the Gospel of Mark serves as a basis for the Gospels of Matthew and Luke
  • How the Gospel of Mark talks to the average person – How Jesus is like us in all but sin
  • Why this Gospel is important to our Catholic Faith

Everyone is invited: all parishioners, friends and interested persons. Welcome!