Starting October 9th,  For Children who wish for JUST ONE GIFT,  The Council of Catholic Women will again be Collecting Box Of Joy for the less fortunate around the world. 

Please take a box or two and fill it, instructions are in the box.  Return to the church by October 24th.  Please help us reach our goal of 150 full boxes. 

Thank you in advance for your support.   

Testimonial for the Box of Joy

As war erupted in my Middle East country, persecution was affecting my family from the outside, but poverty was taking over from the inside.

We often lacked food, electricity and sometimes only had raw onion and bread for dinner. We lived in a small apartment with no furniture, couches or beds. I desired to have new clothes, dolls, and toys but we could not afford them, and I didn’t receive gifts on Christmas or my birthday.

Yet, my parents continuously encouraged me to be content and to keep my eyes on Jesus. My mom taught me to pray and bring all my needs to God.

Then God pierced through our darkness. Amid the war, poverty and persecution, I was given the gift of a beautifully wrapped shoebox packed by someone halfway across the world who wanted to show me God’s love. As I opened it, my heart was filled with joy! There were hygiene items, school supplies, a slinky and a Beanie Baby.

As we rejoiced over each item inside the box, there was another surprise awaiting us. Inside the shoebox was a smaller box and inside the box, we found a mini radio. Out of millions of boxes, God orchestrated that box to come specifically to my family with what we needed and had prayed for. That day, as I sat in a room holding my box, the darkness did not go away, but it was overcome by God’s light.

From that day forward, every time I turned on the radio, I was reminded that God is the God of details. In a unique yet ordinary way, He pierced through the surrounding darkness and showed me that I am seen and loved by Him, even when rejected by many.

~Dania Yadago