Prayer Intensions for the sick and military

Prayer Intensions for the sick and military


Gary Mule, Margaret Moran, Anora Coyle, Margie, Karen and Kathy Troklus, Carolyn King, Matt McDermott, Richard Ogden, Gus Leon, Loraine Scott, Greg McLaughlin, Carol Banak, Kerry Nowlan, Anthony Purcell, Kathleen Smith, Dollie Minnich, Rachel Hintz, Tara Silverman, Martin Roche Sr., Janet Tamburro,  Hugh Gallagher, Silva Castano, Carmela Gentile, Helen Schaffhauser, Beverly Cunningham, Arlene Mauskopf, Ellen Crabtree, Markanthony Zizzo and all sick parishioners.


Ensign Joseph Zingarella – USCG, Sargent Kyle Happney, Army, Dante Milano, Marines, Alexander Koester, USAF, Petty Officer Joseph Schonig, CPO Philip Kriznanizh, Lieutenant Commander Mark Jackson, Lt. Colonel Amy Keough Ninneman, Captain Frank A. Spano, Lieutenant JG Colleen Quinn, Lt. Mark J. Marten, Major Tony Martinez, Mary Jo Williams, P.O. 3 and Navy, Matthew Gagoudakis, Ensign 6 Navy

Call 954-943-9154 to:

~  arrange for a priest to bring the Sacraments, or for the Legion of Mary to pay a visit to someone who is homebound or in the hospital
~  schedule a Mass intention
~  add a name to the sick list or military list
~  sponsor the altar flowers – you can pay in person or online (unavailable during Lent)

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